1Can De Salvo Salumi be eaten by people with celiac disease?
Yes, our products do not contain gluten or any kind of flour. By the same principle as the use of milk powder, gluten is used to amalgamate poor quality meats that contain too much water to allow them to mature.
2Do they contain chemical preservatives and other artificial products?
No, they are completely natural. We use salt as a natural preservative, which combined with vacuum packing allows products to be stored for more than a year.
3Can I eat your products if I am allergic to lactose?
Of course. Lactose is used in cured meats to compensate for the low quality of the meat used, in which the amount of water is so high that it does not allow curing. The powdered milk is used to blend the meat. We, using only the highest quality meat, have none of these problems.. Find out more, go to the farms.