The pigs come from farms in the semi-wild state in Basilicata, raised with respect for animal welfare.

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The quality of De Salvo's cured meats comes from the quality of the pigs' lives.

Raising animals in the semi-wild state means raising them according to nature; ensuring a respectful life for the pig ( as opposed to intensive farming ) guarantees fine meat that is organic, has an authentic taste, and above all is genuine and not harmful to health!

The difference in this rearing method lies in 'the daily feeding of pigs. Part of the day they spend grazing, feeding on what they find in the environment, and in the other they are fed natural feed, supplementing their diet with:

A substantial advantage of this farming method lies in the fact that pigs get much less sick than those on intensive farms, all of which relates back to another plus in the quality of our cured meats, pigs are not given antibiotics or estrogen of any kind!