De Salvo Salumi are made with organic and natural spices.

We carefully select our suppliers so as to ensure the consistent quality of our spices. The production of the best cured meat goes through the preciousness of its ingredients.

Senise I.G.P. Pepper Powder

One of the key differences that make our cured meats different from others is definitely the presence of this Ground Pepper. This spice is becoming increasingly well known in the Italian gourmet kitchen mono, and is used in many different ways and in numerous recipes. We, unlike many others, use only the original one, produced in its territory of origin, that of Senise (PZ), and connoted by the I.G.P. mark.

Benefits: also called Lucanian red gold, it has 30 percent more vitamin C than other peppers, giving it many health benefits, protective and preventive to cancer and aging. The spice is also known to have compounds with antioxidant activity.

How to create the "real" ground fibula:

  • Cultivation must take place in the territory certified by the PGI, thus in the Senise area. Only this kind of soil type, and the right temperature made unique by the presence of Lake Montecotugno, will allow for the right crispness and flavor.
  • The peppers once ready are dried in the sun, (see photo), arranged in typical necklaces called "serte" created by hand according to tradition.
  • After about 30 days have passed, they will be fried a few seconds in oil that will make them crisp to the right degree, thus creating the typical Crusko Pepper ready to be enjoyed.
  • Then it will be possible to grind them in special mills, obtaining the precious powder.
N.B. : For spicy cold cuts, this spice will be mixed in the same way with the Chili powder.
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We are located in Chiaromonte (PZ) in the middle of the certified territory of the Peperone Crusko di Senise.

Wild fennel seeds.

We adopt this spice only inside the Sausage, so as to give the sausage a unique and authentic flavor, according to the very ancient Lucanian tradition. We make sure it is 100% natural and 100% organic, in fact we only use that from wild and not cultivated Fennel plants. The seeds are obtained after a period of flower drying. Of course, they are without any kind of preservatives.

Benefits: fennel has many essential oils and active ingredients. According to many studies, this medicinal plant, in addition to being curative for the colon and intestines, has many antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

Black pepper.

This spice is present in most of our cured meats. For whole ones such as Capocollo or Pancetta we use ground bell pepper that is mixed together with bell pepper and salt; for sausages on the other hand(Soppressata and Salsiccia) we use it whole. Pepper is made from the famous Piper nigrum plant, the black color is obtained by blanching the grains in water for a few minutes and then drying them alone for a few days.

Benefits: In addition to having digestive power, this spice then has antiseptic, depurative, expectorant properties, and is able to stimulate the production of endorphin, considered a natural antidepressant.

The Salt

Salt is the most common and widely used spice, but for our cured meats as important and fundamental as the others. Not only for flavor but, for product preservation. Its properties as a natural preservative are known to all, besides vacuum is the only preservation system we use since, as mentioned, we do not use any chemical preservatives. We use only quality "sea" salt with high soluble properties.

The benefits: salt contains many essential minerals for the body. Consumed in moderate doses it strengthens the immune system, helps alkalize the body and protects cardiovascular health.