the History


Our story begins in this year, when De Salvo Giosuè ("the grandfather") opened his first butcher shop in a very small place in the alleys of Chiaromonte's historic center. In his multifaceted youth, a cooper, farmer but especially a cattle rancher in the country's countryside, he began to devote his life to this trade.

In the intervening years the family's future was in jeopardy; after marrying Angela Spaltro and having the first 2 of their 10 children with her, Joshua left for World War II, 1939-1945. To everyone's delight after 4 years of suffering and having also spent a long period of imprisonment in the hands of the enemy, the war ended and he finally returned to his beloved land.

Family farmhouse in the countryside of Chiaromonte PZ (C/da Ponte).

In the following years.

gave birth to the other 8 children; each of them, the 3 daughters apart, went on to work in the butcher shop, and helped their parents in 'animal husbandry, country farming and village business. A little bit of everyone learned the trade before taking other paths.

It was finally the younger Arturo and Mario who learned the true art of butchering and meat, taking over and expanding their father's business. Arturo was in charge of the butcher shop from the beginning, until in the late 1980s with his brother Mario and together with his sister Maria they formed a company and opened in Chiaromonte one of the first supermarkets in the area.

Thus were born the two current outlets, the De Salvo Butcher Shop (go to pg.) in the central square of Chiaromonte, and The Dok F.lli De Salvo Supermarket (go to pg.) located in the new area of the town.

  • 1988

    Chiaromonte - Inauguration of F.lli De Salvo Supermarket



In 2018 we celebrate 3 decades of De Salvo Supermarket.

The Key to Success

It is honesty, courtesy and transparency to customers. The right balance between respect for traditions and constant innovation.

Antique meat grinder.

From the very beginning,

and thus since 1955, the De Salvo family has been offering in its business those cured meats that have always been homemade in the Chiaromontese tradition.

A culinary art that starts from afar, handed down from generation to generation, in the lands of origin of cured meats and especially of "Sausage"(La Lucanica).

  • Varrone
    ...a sausage made from the large intestine of the pig is called lucanica, because soldiers learned to make it from the Lucani
    De lingua Latina (V, 22, 111)

In the 1990s,

Arturo and Mario De Salvo, who in the meantime respectively run the two butcher shops the one in the historic center and the one in the Supermarket with the highest quality meats (using only livestock raised in the area and raised according to nature), increase step by step the small production of typical cold cuts.

After the sad death of his sister Maria, they formed the new company "De Salvo A. & De Salvo S. snc, " created a new logo and product packaging, so that the exclusivity and deliciousness of their cured meats could be appreciated by an ever-growing public.

  • 1999

    The new company and a new logo are created.

Arturo De Salvo

Partner De Salvo_snc

He is in charge of sourcing and quality of meat at origin, and managing relationships with various breeders. In addition to butchery and charcuterie production.

Mario De Salvo

Partner De Salvo_snc

An accountant, he is in charge of the accounting and management side of the company and the supermarket, as well as the operation of the butcher shop and charcuterie production.

Present and future.

Every year in the De Salvo company we ask ourselves how to improve the following year keeping in mind THE MAIN GOAL, which is to bring to market the same cured meat produced by our ancestors.

Our know-how allows us to be a major player in the market for quality Italian food. By combining skills and ancient traditions with the innovation of the new millennium, we are able to create a unique typical/gourmet product.

In 2018, we were the stars of a show called the "Gorge and Taste" on the ALICE TV networks (pictured right); hosted by well-known chef Mattia Poggi.

Our Mission for the future: to introduce the quality of our cured meats to a wider audience, expanding artisanal production without compromising the naturalness .

  • 2022

    The New Logo is Born: De Salvo Salumi

New corporate look.

With the expansion of production following the creation of a new state-of-the-art laboratory, the De Salvo company has also revamped its image with a new logo and packaging. The new production systems, however, will not compromise the naturalness and quality of our cured meats. The company philosophy is and always will be to bring 100% genuine product to the market.