De salvo Seasoned Lard is 100% genuine and natural as if it were homemade. Delicate-tasting cured meat used in the preparation of numerous recipes in Italian cuisine. The flavor is enhanced by enjoying it on simple bruschetta, or on canapés, so you can create special aperitifs or

deliciously complement their own appetizers. Our pork lard is spiced with simplicity, with ground I.g.p. bell pepper from Senise , ground black pepper and salt. And it is not harmful to health since it does not contain any kind of chemical ingredient!

Why is it genuine and natural?

De Salvo cured meats have from the beginning obtained the environmental quality mark of
" Pollino National Park " certifying their production within the delimited geographical area.

The parts of the pig used for Lardo are the neck, the back and the upper part of the flanks.

Layer of fat located just under the skin.

The Lard (fat)

pigs are raised exclusively on Lucanian farms fed natural feed.


Lardo De Salvo is produced at
slow seasoning.

We use a customized production system, alternating periods of drying and drying with and without cells.

about 120

Aging days



The reddish color of the outside of the cured meat is given
by the ground Senise I.G.P. bell pepper
which can be sweet or spicy.


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