Capocollo Devo Salumi is 100% natural and is produced according to the italian tradition. Salami made with pork neck, it can never be missed sliced on a gourmet charcuterie board, perhaps accompanied by cheese, one of the symbols of typical Italian dishes for appetizers or aperitifs. Through our site we give everyone the opportunity to purchase online a highly valued cured meat that is used by many restaurants.

Our Capocollo, is different and of a higher quality than others because it is produced according to nature, as if it were homemade, without dyes or preservatives, dried at slow maturation. The spices present are organic and prized like the Crusco Peperone Crusinato di Senise I.G.P. and the pigs are raised according to the rules of our supply chain, fed on natural feed in Basilicata, one of the most unspoiled regions of Italy.

Why is it genuine and natural?

Capocollo, like all our cured meats has from the beginning obtained the environmental quality mark of
" Pollino National Park " which certifies its production within the delimited geographical area.

Obtained from a cut of meat from the back of the pig, near the neck.

It is also called "lonza," "coppa," or "capicollo."

Pigs' necks.

our pigs are raised and controlled by our supply chain exclusively in Basilicata fed purely on natural feed.


Our Pork Coppa is produced at
slow maturation.

We use a customized production system, alternating periods of drying and drying with and without cells.

about 140

Aging days



The reddish color is given
by the ground Senise I.G.P. bell pepper, which can be sweet or spicy.


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