An original recipe, a salami that can be spread as desired on bruschetta, crostini or cheese. All the flavor of sausage, soppressata and lardo lucano, seasoned with Senise PGI ground bell pepper and a little extra virgin olive oil.

Unlike Calabrian nduja, our spread is made from cured meats that have already been cured, available in two variants: sweet or spicy (with the addition of a little ground chili pepper). Also very useful in cooking, it can be useful in numerous recipes.

Why is it genuine and natural?

All our cured meats have from the beginning obtained the environmental quality mark of
" Pollino National Park " certifying their production within the protected geographical area.

The ingredients used

salsiccia de salvo salumi da acquistare online italian food original

the Sausage

Ground up
lardo stagionato de salvo salumi senza glutine e senza lattosio

the Lard

soppressata de salvo salumi originale lucana con peperone di senise

the Soppressata



The red color of the salami is given
by the powdered Senise I.G.P. bell pepper
which can be sweet or spicy.


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