De Salvo's Soppressata Italian is 100% genuine and natural. L' "original" because it is handcrafted using the same old methods and recipes handed down from generation to generation. One of Lucania's most representative typical products.

In nearly 70 years of history, our company has never changed its production processes, producing soppressata and all of its cured meats without preservatives and other chemicals. We are located in southern Basilicata, a region known for its unspoiled nature, specifically in Chiaromonte within the Pollino National Park.

Moreover, the origin of this cured meat, as this wikipedia article explains (click here), can be attributed precisely to our Lucano-Calabro area. The 'etymology of the name derives from the action of pressure carried out during the curing period that gave it a slightly flattened shape.

It is flavored with fine spices such as I.G.P. ground Crusko Peppers from Senise, and the meat prevenes from farms controlled by our supply chain, we take care of every step so as to create a cured meat of a superior quality.

Why is it genuine and natural?

Our cured meats have from the beginning obtained the environmental quality mark of
" Pollino National Park " certifying their production within the delimited geographical area.

The parts of the pig we use for Soppressata:

The whitest meats are used for this cured meat

The Ham

The Ribs

our pigs are raised in the semi-wild state in Basilicata in respect of animal welfare, fed purely on natural feed.

De Salvo Soppressata is produced by slow maturation.

We use a customized production system, alternating periods of drying and drying with and without cells.

about 60

Aging days



The red color is not from chemical dyes but
of the ground Senise I.G.P. bell pepper
which can be sweet or spicy.


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