Culatello (or Culatella) is a typical Italian cured meat made from the tenderest part of the ham. It is best appreciated sliced, and is widely used in appetizers with cured meats and cheeses in many Italian restaurants and wine bars. It has a more tender texture than ham, in fact many prefer to enjoy it even cut into chunks. It is not very spicy therefore has a very mild flavor.

We produce it with the same traditional recipes handed down by our ancestors who in Basilicata dried cold cuts inside caves carved into the rock, also used for storing wine. (find out more) Why is ours different and better than others? Because it comes matured slowly over a period of 10 to 12 months, the spices present are organic and the pigs are raised according to nature. The result is a unique and authentic taste.

Why is it genuine and natural?

Our sausages have obtained from the beginning the environmental quality mark of
" Pollino National Park " certifying their production within the delimited geographical area.

This cured meat is made from the leanest part of the pig's buttocks.

It is also called "breech," prosciutti, or "culaccia."

The Culatello

our pigs are raised in respect of Animal Welfare according to the rules of our supply chain exclusively in Basilicata fed with natural feed.


Culatello De Salvo is produced at
slow maturation.

We use a customized production system, alternating periods of drying and drying with and without cells.

about 200

Aging days

Typical Lucan culatello salami with powdered IGP crusco pepper from Senise and pepper


The reddish color of the cured meat is natural, given
by the powder of Peperone Crusco I.G.P. di Senise
which can be sweet or spicy.


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