De Salvo Pork Jowl is 100% natural and is produced without preservatives. It is among the most sought-after typical Italian products. In addition, it is one of the most widely used Italian cured meats in the kitchen for the preparation of typical dishes such as pasta all' amatriciana in which it is diced. It is also much appreciated sliced, simply on a slice of bread or to compose mixed sliced platters for appetizers or aperitifs.

The flavor is very mild, the main characteristic being its tender texture on contact with the palate. Our Guanciale is handcrafted according to the Lucanian tradition, with natural spices and Matured slowly. We give the opportunity to buy it online along with all other cured meats, to all lovers of typical and organic products, and healthy eating.

Why is it genuine and natural?

Our cured meats have always had the environmental quality mark of
" Pollino National Park " certifying their production within the delimited geographical area.

This cured meat is a cut of pork run through by lean veins (muscle) with a component of fine fat

The part of the pig used for guanciale is the cheek, from which the name is also derived.

The Pork Jowl

our pigs are raised in the semi-wild state exclusively in Lucania fed purely on natural feed.

De Salvo cured pork cheek is produced at slow seasoning.

We use a customized production system, alternating periods of drying and drying with and without cells.

about 120

Aging days



The reddish color of the salami that is most noticeable on the outside is given
by the I.G.P. ground Senise bell pepper
which can be sweet or spicy.


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